Recent Work

Older Projects

Digg 365

[cached version] • I built an information visualization of the top headlines from Digg for their 5 year anniversary. Users could choose to view the top ten headlines from any given day, month, or year (along with the top headlines by category) since Digg's launch. It pulls from Digg's feed API to grab the data, which is sadly no longer live - hence an only partially functional cached version. 2010 • Flash / AS3

Kashi • From being half of the original Rails development team for launch, to building multiple years' of Trial Event Flash microsites and Rails site expansions, to general code maintenance and test coverage increase, Kashi spanned 3 years as a Barbarian Group project, growing to nearly one million members. 2007-2010 • Ruby / Rails • XHTML/CSS • Flash

CNN Question of the Week Facebook App

• FBML Facebook app with a Rails backend that exposed the current question and took in users' answers and information. 2009 • Ruby / Rails • FBML • HTML

Sheraton NCAA Challenge

• Sheraton wanted to use Facebook Connect to build a way to connect with NCAA fans. Users would make wagers on winners of games (such as "I'll do ___'s laundry for a week") against their Facebook friends. Facebook wall posts and hilarity ensued. 2009 • PHP5 • FBML • XHTML/CSS

Tennman Platform, • Tennman Media Group had a dream. A dream of a universal, privatized platform to run all their (and eventually other) sites off of. A dream of a platform with untold abilities in grabbing user analytics. The Barbarian Group helped with that dream. 2009 • Ruby / Rails • MySQL • XHTML/CSS

Virgin America Name Our Planes

• Every Virgin Airlines plane has a unique name, and to help build excitement for Virgin Airlines beginning US service, we built a contest for people to enter potential names for their inaugural fleet. We also built (using Flash and AMFPHP) a 3D navigable space for users to browse the names in space and vote for their favorites. My part was the backend data hookup, and this was fun. 2006 • AMFPHP • AS2